Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Creative Partnership

A couple of friends from my alma mater, Carnegie Mellon, have collaborated together on a book. “STREET: Poems by Jim Daniels/ Photographs by Charlee Brodsky” is their first work together. The book has received nice reviews.
Stuart Dybek said the book "reflects a natural interplay between the documentary and lyrical that is a solo, signature quality in Jim Daniels' work."
Alan Trachtenberg wrote:
"Jim Daniels’ poems in conversation with Charlee Brodsky’s photographs make for a remarkable collective work… This is a street that goes nowhere in particular, not a thoroughfare but a place to see and be seen, an invention that just might keep this world from sliding into utter inconsequence."

For samples from the book, go to:

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Sherry P said...

hi, now this really grabbed my attention. i took a look. being "nebby" by nature and a poet, how could i not look? nice, looks like a good book. a great idea, that's a given.