Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Good News

If you judged Wilkinsburg from the police reports you read in the newspaper, nothing good is happening there. But many people don’t know that the 2-square-mile community has a lot happening, including historic home restorations, redevelopment going on along Penn Avenue, and diverse and unique neighborhoods where people know each other and enjoy living next to one another.

I just moved to Wilkinsburg several years ago, so I’ve probably been a little slow in recognizing things that are happening here. Sometimes, though, I get lucky with a story in this town. I felt lucky recently to have met Rev. Marcus Harvey, who runs a nonprofit in the heart of Wilkinsburg. I wrote a story on him for the Post-Gazette that ran today:

The Rev. Harvey serves a church without walls

When I interviewed him, he said it was good that I was doing a story on his organization. He said people need to know that things are being done, and that progress is being made.

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