Thursday, December 08, 2005

Credit where it's due

I was glad when the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette brought back the Goodfellows features some years back. I like the fundraiser and I enjoy reading about the folks who are helped by it. I also like the old Goodfellows logo, which is quaint and takes me back to when I delivered the paper as a boy.

Some of the Goodfellows stories are better than others. Of course not every interview is the same, and some people have better stories to tell. Others are simply better at telling their stories. Still, when a P-G writer nails a Goodfellows piece, the story sings. Ervin Dyer had a nice one in the P-G today. Well worth reading.


Sherry P said...

i've been reading them. i hope that others have been as well and that maybe these families can get a little help and kindness and many people need a little helping hand.

Jonathan Barnes said...

You got that right.
Thanks, Sherry.