Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Showing my age

Sometimes I show my age in my writing, as I do in my latest story in TPQ Online.


Sherry P said...

i am older than you kid, but i loved the story. a few years ago, i was at the club i belong to and a man i saw there kept looking over at the table where we all were sitting. he came ove and said,"sherry, is that you?" turns out he was my parent's paperboy when i was growing up. we are friends now. life is strange. odd that he still recognised me after many years. i still recall the little square tabs that you'd get after you paid the paperboy.

Jonathan Barnes said...

I love it when people call me kid, because it makes me feel younger.
I dated a girl in college whose paper I once delivered, when we were much younger.
I remember those little square tabs, too, and the satisfyingly crunchy way they would rip off of the collection card. Being a paperboy was a highly tactile experience. Some kids still are delivering the paper daily, like in my old newspaper worktown of Butler, Pa.
I think the Pittsburgh kids are missing out.