Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Kum By Ya-like Group Hug

I wonder if all of my Barnestormin blog readers are on Facebook. I hope all are not, and even though I don’t update this space that much anymore, it would be flattering to know there are many out there still keeping an eye on Barnestormin.
Some of the best Barnestormin writing being published these days is short bits I place on my Facebook page. The place has become more of a sounding board for many voices than this space really ever was. It’s kind of fast-moving over there and I am very much enjoying the discourse.

I toss out one-liners on my FB to get folks going and to see what they think. Sometimes it amounts to a sing-along, sometimes it’s an out-and-out debate and other times it is lots of back-patting. But it is a lot of fun, and here are some excerpts, some teaser Barnestorminisms, to get you interested in joining the rest of us over there. Enjoy:

Compared to blogging, Facebook is a Kum By Ya-like group hug.

A jaggerbush and a jagoff are entirely different, but both will prick you.

People who call themselves Yinzers and think it's cool are completely uncool.

"Are we going to argue about it now Honey" is a phrase I learned while married.

What does your therapist say about being hostile?

I like to question authority, but question gender? I'd rather not.

Does anyone else feel for these stroller-chained Squirrel Hill kids who are forced to be in their parents’ middle-aged buggy races? Jog alone, please...

I'm about to have a Helen moment and tell these young knucklheads with their keisters hangin out to go home to Poland or Germany and take a shower and wash their shorts...

Drunks subjugating potheads is like trying to stave off the Enlightenment.

I've now got 700 FB friends, and I can't imagine being any closer to all of you. Thanks for giving my life meaning...

A steady downpour, amber sky, growling thunder... Beautiful Pittsburgh rain welcomed by my flowers...

Writing is solitary, but you publish with help.

Maybe if we play Up On The Roof they'll open up the roof, JT said to us fans in the Civic Arena. The roof slowly opened as sweet summer air rushed in.

Jonathan Barnes is cheating on himself in a casual relationship.

I think I've finally grown into my head.

Don't hyphenate my freelance