Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Any Relief, Chicagoans?

I wrote this piece a while back about issues facing condo and co-op owners in and around Chicago, for the Chicagoland Cooperator. Looking back at it recently, the story reminded me that the housing problems faced by Chicagoans and those in Illinois generally are the same that many are facing across the country. IE, the "housing crisis," so to speak, never was fully resolved. Our legislators are the only ones who can put into place policies that will alleviate a future crisis in this sector. But have they done so? I haven't seen it. And so I wonder, have you gotten any relief, Windy City folks?

Slim, Scratchy & the Stillhouse Pickers, Friday at Nied's Hotel

Treat yourself to a homespun bluegrass experience this Friday, starting at 7 p.m. at Nied's Hotel in Lawrenceville. Slim Forsythe and Scratchy Hutter will join one of the region's kindest country bands, The Stillhouse Pickers, in a show you won't want to miss. Stop by and say Hi and ask those Pickers if they will play Allegheny Mountain Queen and maybe Gentle Annie.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Groundhog Rule

"If you give him a second, even a groundhog can scurry." -Barnestormin

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Full Pint Brewing Night

Saturday night I visited Full Pint Brewing in North Versailles, to benefit from their lovingly crafted beers and to eat the homemade pizza. I recommend this excursion to all Pittsburghers and visitors. Chatting with the patrons there at the time, as well as some of the co-owners--Jim and Sharon Doyle, and Brenda Popovich--was a nice treat.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Steve's Not Here

This story post is dedicated to Margie at the Map Room, in Regent Square. She and her establishment are mentioned in this op-ed essay, which was not written by anyone named Steve, but by me:

EDGE Development Project Falls Off Cliff

Here's an ENR piece I helped with, that's about a smooth transition in a Long Beach Airport construction project even after the General Contractor, EDGE ,defualted on the concourse project:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Deja Hmm

It’s a warm spring evening and several of us are on the back porch of the Point Breeze home of one of Carnegie Mellon’s writing professors, and the air’s filled with the happy chatter of students and profs, who are sipping cocktails before an English department awards ceremony. From the far side of the porch I hear a girl in a shiny green chiffon dress refer repeatedly to her not-present boyfriend as “my lover,” and I get sucked into her conversation for a bit.

“My lover and I…” she continued in a fruity voice, talking with Jane, a professor in the department. I trailed off for a second on a déjà vu, thinking of how many years before I had attended a similar party, and we’d inherited the leftover booze when it was over. A friend, Chris Sherwood, had talked me into it with promises.

“There’ll be all kinds of free food and beer,” Sherwood said, clapping me on the shoulder like a well-meaning salesman, convincing me to come and support our friend Havard and others who’d be vying to win prizes. “There’ll be girls…”

So it was a rather weird feeling being at a professor’s house again for one of these college writer parties. This time, though, I was there because I was one of the people who judged entries for the contest. As I was reminiscing, the girl in the green dress mentioned her lover one too many times for Jane not to take the bait.

“Your lover?” Jane said dryly. “Where is your lover? Why didn’t you bring him? She brought her lover,” Jane said, motioning to a paper-thin girl in a white sundress, who clung tighter to her ROTC-looking boyfriend.

Chiffon dress girl blushed, then stammered: “I-I didn’t know I could bring him.”

I started to tune out after that, but that young gal repeatedly saying “my lover” in her conversation with her professor struck me as a sort of verbal cue to her pride and new recognition of her own sexual power. Or maybe the term was just a liberty taken by a girl living away from home for the first time, I can't say for sure. But thinking these things made me feel kind of old.

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