Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Inspired Performer

Truth is I could not forget that image of a writer drinkin beer and typin furiously as the bottle overflowed. So I became a freelancer. RIP Oscar Madison aka Jack Klugman.

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Pittsburgh real estate is hotter than ever

Pittsburgh real estate is being snapped up by outside investors from across the country and across the world. When will the trend end? It appears to still be growing, according to research I did for this Pop City story I wrote:

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

It's All Good

Saturday I finally made the walk to East End Brewing Company, to its new East Liberty digs.

On the way I enjoyed the mild Pittsburgh weather and of course caught some beautiful scenes, like this one of the sunshine busting through the trees near The Frick, in Point Breeze:
I took in some sights, amidst a mostly redeveloped semi-industrial district near the new EEBC Julius Street location, of time capsules slowly decaying, like Belmar Printing:
Local brewer East End Brewing Company recently moved its operations from closer to Homewood (and closer to my Regent Square home), to a much larger, kinder spot in the industrial part of East Liberty. I was a bit worried that the new brewhouse would be too far to walk, as is my habit when going to the brewery, but it wasn't.
In addition to having an expanded and upgraded Growler Room, EEBC's new locale also boasts a Commonplace Coffee Company cafe, meant for take out but still the origin of the Finest Iced Coffee In Pittsburgh, IMHO. On weekday afternoons, you can witness the coffee roasting and inhale the aroma while gathered with friends around the roaster (which has a bar that I believe may have come from a Bellevue coffee shop I once knew):
I found EEBC's Growler Room to be much more customer-friendly in that the space is much larger and thus, less apt to get crowded with patrons as the old spot did. The new place is bright and airy, with a real bar, rather than a wobbly semi-permanent bar, as was the case in the old Growler Room. Joe and Albert were there manning the bar, which now has one more beer on tap than usual.
I'm happy to say that the brewer's popular and heady winter seasonal Snow Melt has been on tap for a while and I suggest you try it. But of course at EEBC, it's really all good and you can't go wrong with anything, including the root beer and ginger ale. Have a sample. After all, samples are a good way to try the brews and they also are free.
With the mild Pittsburgh weather we've been having, enjoying temperatures in the fifties and sixties in November and December, this seems a no-brainer. Celebrate life in the Steel City by grabbing a buddy and heading down to East End Brewing Company to "Buy a good friend a good beer." And tell Nordy and the rest, I sent ya.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Prima Donna, Years Ago

I rediscovered these photos of a niece of mine, and thought what the heck I will share.

She is much older now and I am, too. Back then she was light as a half-empty bookbag, and looking at me with that little mug as if to say: "I've never seen a face like yours."
But the funny thing is in this shot, I swear there is some familial similarities, though it could just be my vanity.